Thursday, June 16, 2011

History Will Be Made and Canuckleheads Doomed to Repeat it

There was roughly five minutes remaining in Boston’s Stanley Cup-clinching 4-0 win over Vancouver last night when it happened. I glanced down at my Twitter feed to see a tweet from @nickinnewyork of “Hitting The Post” blog fame.

NiNY posted this:
Go crazy, Boston! This game is over!

To which my response was: 
But could you do it without burning/breaking shit please?

As it turns out, the jubilant Bostonians could do just that; but my plea was woefully misdirected. I should have been begging Vancouver fans for a demonstration of class and restraint. Instead I was witness to an unrestrained demonstration of classlessness by Canuckleheads who terrorized the streets of their beautiful city into the wee hours leaving a path of flames and debris in their wake.

In retrospect I did, in fact, wonder what could come of 100,000 emotion-surfing zealots crammed into a small area no matter who ultimately won the game and hoisted the history-etched grail. But considering the rioting which occurred following Vancouver’s game-seven loss to the Mark Messier-led New York Rangers in 1994, I hoped cooler heads would prevail.

However, in the words of Spanish philosopher George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” and most of those I saw involved in the mayhem were far too young to remember what was perpetrated by their predecessors.

I find it sad that a great series of dramatic hockey, with multiple storylines throughout, will be remembered most—at least by the fringe fan the league is trying to convert—for dirty hits, serious injury, and the actions of several thousand yahoos with zero respect for the game.

For those of us for whom this game is our passion it was a thoroughly enjoyable series to watch. It was a series filled with dramatic goals, game-changing hits, emerging stars, vanishing stars, trash talking, brilliant goaltending, and some not-so-brilliant goaltending.

What a shame its memory will be marred by a slovenly mob for which the term douchebag could not be more fitting.

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